Window Tinting

We install amazing electronics and we expertly tint your vehicle’s windows. We have the latest computer-cut technologies and offer the best quality window film available. We regularly train our film technicians on up-to-date installation techniques and recommended practices.

Computer Precision Cutting

We utilize the latest in state of the art Computer Cutting. All of our graphics and window film is cut using a Premium Graphics Plotter. Because of this we are able to offer seemless installs, edge to edge tinting and fitments not typically offered using hand cutting methods. No risk of cutting on the glass or damaging the vehicle.

Carbon Series

This is our most economically priced window film that provides shading to the windows and a lifetime manufacturer warranty. Basic film is primarily for an enhanced appearance as it has minimal heat and UV rejection qualities.

CIR Series

Our CIR Series Film is available in many shades of darkness and provides exceptional privacy by making it harder to see into the vehicle. Our CIR Series Film is available in as little as 50% light transmission (very light tint) or as dark as 5% light transmission (very dark tint – also called “limo tint”).

Ceramic IRX Series

Our Ceramic IRX Series Film provides the best of darkness, heat and UV rejection with superior optical clarity. With the highest optical clarity, you’ll see through the windows of your vehicle as if there were no film substrate, only reaping the benefits of the reduced interior heat, UV protection and enhanced privacy from the darkness of the film. It is our top-of-the line choice for ultimate heat rejection.