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XKGLOW XK7443-W 2pc White 7443 Auto Bulb

XKGLOW XK7443-W 2pc White 7443 Auto Bulb

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Key Features:

  • Enhanced brightness reliable performance with constant current circuitry. 
  • Available color options: white, amber, red.
  • Built-in CANBUS error canceller design.
  • 2pc bulbs per package.

Powerful, reliable and compact. These 7440/7443 bulbs are package with XKGLOW's proven technology with high brightness LEDs and constant current design to ensure its longevity while doubling your original brightness or more. In addition, an advanced CANBUS error canceller design was added so the bulbs are be properly treated by the vehicle on-board computer. 

Tech Specs:

  • Power: 12w
  • Voltage: 9-16V
  • Canbus built-in: Yes

Bulb Cross Reference:

  • 7440 (Single Circuit) = W21W WY21W 7441
  • 7443 (Dual Circuit) = 7443 7444 W21 5W
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