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XKGLOW XK-AMP300 300W RGB Power Amplifier for XKchrome Lights

XKGLOW XK-AMP300 300W RGB Power Amplifier for XKchrome Lights

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Key Features:

  • Boosts XKchrome Controller output to 300W
  • Multiple booster can be used in one system, allowing one XKchrome controller to control vitually unlimited amount of lights.
  • Compatible with all common positive RGB lights
  • Anodized aluminum housing for max durability
  • IP67 Full waterproof design
  • 3yr warranty. 

Our XKchrome Controller has been leading the industry for years now, but there have been applications that have called for more; more lights that is! Straight out of the controller, each output zone is capable of handling 36 watts worth of lights which is plenty for most, but we've heard the call from all you crazy lighting fanactics who NEED MORE LIGHTS. This High Power Booster will amplify that 36 watts from the standard XKchrome Controller up to a bug-zapping 300 watts. Perfect add-on for semis, boats, home lighting, or even that Jeep that just can't have enough lights on it.

Tech Specs

  • Input Voltage: 12DC
  • Max Load: 300W
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