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PAC RP4-MZ11 Interface for Mazda Vehicles with CAN bus

PAC RP4-MZ11 Interface for Mazda Vehicles with CAN bus

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An all-in-one radio replacement and SWC interface, the innovative RadioPRO4 comes pre-loaded with amplifier retention and SWC software, navigation based output signals, and other features that save time and money during installation.

  • Retains steering wheel controls (pre-programmed)
  • Works with non-amplified, Bose digital and premium audio systems
  • Provides requisite data commands to retains A/C compressor function in 2010+ Mazda CX-9
  • In the vehicle’s settings menu, using the OE LCD and SWC
  • Allows the clock to be set without having to plug in the OE radio
  • Information on the OE LCD can be changed to MPG, estimated miles to empty, etc. without having to connect the OE radio
  • User-programmable text to be displayed during normal operation
  • User-programmable Bose Digital
  • Amplified settings - Gain, Fader, and Surround sound settings
  • Field updatable using the PAC-UP
  • Includes Plug & Play Harness
  • Retains rear-seat entertainment
  • Provides 12V ACC, Illumination, VSS, Parking Brake, and Reverse
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