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Aquatic AV HK104 Ultra RGB & Stereo Kit for Harley 98-13

Aquatic AV HK104 Ultra RGB & Stereo Kit for Harley 98-13

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The Ultra RGB and Stereo Kit is a great way to get started upgrading your waterproof audio experience for the best sound possible. A pair of Ultra+ 6.5” RGB Speakers with 300-watt total power and customizable illumination are ready to upgrade your sound and style, while the powerful MP5 head unit offers multiple streaming options, device storage, and even device charging capabilities. Our RGB Controller lets you choose from thousands of color combinations and a variety of light modes for your device all from the free Aquatic AV app.

MP5 for Harley

Bluetooth / MP3 / AUX Stream music from your favorite device with support for Bluetooth Audio, MP3, and AUX input.
AM/FM Radio Enjoy AM/FM listening wherever you go and save your favorite stations with 18 FM and 12 AM presets available. Compatible with both US and European frequencies.
Plug and Play Use your Harley-Davidson factory mounting bracket and wiring connections to easily plug, play, and ride.
USB Charging Recharge your USB devices anytime, anywhere with 2Amps charging speed.
Handlebar Controls Control your music from the Harley-Davidson factory handlebar controls.
288-Watt Amplifier Power up to 8 speakers or a combination of speakers and subwoofers thanks to a powerful 288W amplifier. Class A/B amplifier, 2 Ohm stable.
3″ Monochrome Display An optically bonded, tempered glass screen allows users to view track information on a 3″ monochrome LCD display.
Variable Brightness Display brightness varies from 100% in normal operation to 30% in dim lighting for optimum viewing day or night, rain or shine.
Detachable Faceplate This model features a detachable faceplate for extra storage and easy access for device charging and protection.
Multi-Environment Protection This device is fully waterproof (rated IP55) and UV/salt/fog resistant to ensure reliable performance even in the toughest conditions.

Ultra+ 6.5″ RGB Speakers

Sleek Design A silk tweeter and aluminum basket help to create a beautiful speaker and a breathtakingly sonic experience.
RGB Cone Illumination Innovative RGB illumination technology lets you customize your style with a spectrum of colors to complement your mood and music.
RGB Control at Your Fingertips Unlock a rainbow of color customization options with Aquatic AV’s RGB Controller (sold separately); register your product with Aquatic AV and pair with the app for maximum convenience and ultimate color control.
300W Total Power These 4ohm speakers are rated at 300W total power (200W RMS) so your ride can be heard from miles away.
Frequency Response 60Hz – 20kHz guarantees a rich, high-quality sound from these speakers.
Amplify Your Sound Pair with one of our compatible waterproof amplifiers (AD300.2Micro, AD500.4, or AD600.5) to upgrade your sound for the ultimate audio experience even in the loudest environments.
Multi-Environment Protection This device is fully waterproof (rated IP65) and UV/salt/fog resistant to ensure reliable performance even in the toughest conditions.

RGB Controller

5 Amps of Power The Aquatic AV RGB Controller features 5 amps of Total Power, helping your connected systems shine their best light.
2-3X Power VS Competition With 5 amps of power, the Aquatic AV RGB Controller features 2-3 x the power of the competition.
Small Footprint, Easy To Install Two tabs on the top and bottom of the device allow for easy installing and mounting in a variety of environments.
Works With The Aquatic AV App Paired with the Aquatic AV App, the RGB Controller unlocks endless possibilities for color customization.
Thousands of Colors Unleash your creativity with every color of the rainbow at your fingertips.
Multi-Color Modes Take it to the next level with multi-color changing modes, featuring 15+ integrated modes for a variety of moods
Save Your Favorite Colors Save up to five of your favorite colors for quicker access when you want them in addition to the Aquatic AV favorites we've added as presets to get you started.
Connect Up to 32 Speakers Start with four speakers and connect up to 32 speakers using the Aquatic AV Y Splitters with one controller. Brightness may vary as you add more speakers
Waterproof + Durable Like all Aquatic AV products, our controller is built to last through the roughest conditions with waterproof protection.

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