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Aquatic AV

Aquatic AV AD605AquaticAV 5/4/3-Channel Amplifier

Aquatic AV AD605AquaticAV 5/4/3-Channel Amplifier

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5/4/3-Channel Amplifier

Amplifying AND adding serious bass to your audio experience!

The AD600.5 5/4/3-Channel Amplifier is ready to maximize your sound! This amplifier provides 600W total power output to deliver outstanding audio quality and volume in the loudest of environments. With Digital (Class D) Technology, Shockwave Technology, and more – this amp delivers high-performance, reliability, and sound quality second-to-none. Rain or dust? No problem. This powerful amplifier will be the perfect addition to your audio experience.

600W Amplifer

With 600W of pure power (75W per speaker channel + 300W Subwoofer channel at 2 Ohms or 50W per speaker channel + 200W Subwoofer channel at 4 Ohms), the 5-Channel Amplifier packs enough punch for even the loudest of environments.

Digital (Class D) Technology

Digital amplifiers are much more efficient than traditional amplifiers, producing less heat, lowering power consumption, reducing strain on batteries and charging systems, and ideal for powersport and marine installations.

Shockwave Technology

Incorporates Digital IC’s with specially designed low-noise circuitry to produce high-quality, true sound reproduction from any source. The technology used also reduces unwanted EMI (Electromagnetic Interference), which can cause noise in your audio system. Shockwave Technology is now the only sensible amplifier solution for powersport or marine applications.

Various Applications

Designed to support a variety of applications, the 5/4/3-Channel Amplifier runs at both 4ohm and 2ohm speaker configurations from RCA input connections. Running 2ohm configurations allows more speakers to be powered and ideal for high background noise environments such as powersport or marine applications.

Multi-Environment Protection

This high-performance, IP65 rated amplifier will withstand harsh conditions while never interrupting the music that makes the moments.

2 Year Warranty

Aquatic AV products are built to be reliable and durable. The AD600.5 comes with a two year warranty that can be extended with product registration.

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